Seaproof Solutions: Twenty years sub sea

We celebrated our 20th anniversary on April 21. 2009.

Seaproof Solutions has moved into new premises

Seaproof Solutions’ business has grown significantly in recent years, and for a long time we have been in need of more space. In December last year our new building is finally ready, and now we have moved into our new, custom-built premises. This gives us 3000 square metres of floor space, more than three times as much as we had before. » Read more

Seaproof Solutions believes there is no such thing as a standard problem

20 years of experience has shown us that each and every problem is unique. That’s why we specialize in custom-made solutions for water sealing in sub-sea installations.

Seaproof Solutions is a one-stop supplier of:

Seaproof Solutions delivers custom-made systems designed to fit your operations by combining several technologies to meet your particular requirements for functionality, security and durability.

Seaproof has years of experience in these markets:

We deliver reliable systems that do not require service or repairs during their operating time.

Seaproof Solutions core strengths:

Custom-made Seaproof Solutions for water sealing in sub-sea installations.