CPS - Cable Protection System

Standard CPS - Universal design for easy installation

The Seaproof CPS is a cable protection system extending from inside the foundation, through the entry hole, and out into the seabed.

Universal CPS

The Standard CPS has been designed to be installable by all conventional installation vessels, with standard deck configuration and standard tools.

DYNAMIC PROTECTION - FULL COVERAGE Seaproof CPS provides a higher stiffness than specific stiffness of the cable.
Stiffening all dynamic areas, the cable is shielded from all environmental dynamics, thus protected from fatigue loads.
MINIMUM BEND RADIUS PROTECTION Seaproof CPS protects cables from over bending from top structure to seabed burial point.
It protects the cable when hanging in catenary at the aft of the installation vessel.
SMOOTH INTERNAL SURFACE Seaproof CPS offers a uniform honeycomb inner structure with a constant diameter, ensuring the lowest possible friction with the cable through its internal HDPE interface.
The design offers minimum stress on the cable and no sharp edges.
NO MECHANICAL ATTACHMENT TO THE CABLE All loads, pressure points of structure interfaces are being handled by the CPS, not the cable.
COMPOSITE TECHNOLOGY Patented fiber reinforced composite mitigates crack propagation and delamination, which are two most common failures in conventional submarine cable ancillaries in the offshore industry.
EASY LOGISTICS, HANDLING AND ASSEMBLY Modular low weight subparts facilitate handling and transportation without special tools or procedures.
Easy logistics with low quantity of parts to handle. Low assembly time on deck.
WIDE OPERATIONAL MARGINS Seaproof CPS offers the installation contractor a wider berth of pull in angles into the aperture than other conventional CPS solutions.
SUITABLE TO MULTIPLE INSTALLATION METHODOLOGIES Seaproof CPS allows for installation with or without the cable, for pre-installation, and custom methodologies.
PULLING HEAD UNIQUE DSIGN Weak link always in line with pull (no angle offset to distort shear pin break load).
Weak link isolated from back tension (allows increased back tension).
DIVER-LESS REMOVAL AND CABLE RETROFIT Removal of CPS from foundation is possible at all time.
Seaproof also has a proven offshore track record of removal and retrofit of cables without the removal of CPS.
LONG DURABILITY CPS has a design life of 25+ years.

Removal & Decommissioning

The Seaproof CPS can be removed by ROV, using a special design ROV tool.

CPS subsea cable protection ROV removal

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