Seaproof CPS - Headquarter

Seaproof Solutions (former Marine Elastomers) was founded by Henrik Bang-Andreasen in 1989.
His idea was to serve the Norwegian and North Sea subsea markets.
Seaproof initially targeted a variety of markets such as marine seismic companies, ROV cables, ocean research, and navies worldwide (particularly submarine divisions).

With Norway as a frontrunner in marine seismic development, Seaproof was well positioned to solve increasingly technical demands from subsea and seismic industries, developing innovative ideas into functional solutions.
Due to the evolving challenges that occurred in the industry, Seaproof turned to new materials and new methods to meet client expectations and needs.

These innovations lead to the development of Seaproof Composite, the core technology that has allowed Seaproof to produce outstanding cable protection systems that now serve clients around the globe.

The developed cable protection lead to a line of specialized solutions such as Composite Bend Stiffeners, allowing clients to operate cables in extremely demanding environments.
Seaproof offers cable protection to ensure continued operation in harsh and challenging environments, exponentially increasing time between service intervals.

Seaproof became a key supplier in the offshore energy market in 2002, when we began supplying cable and termination systems to ABB’s Norwegian Tidal generator.

Seaproof expanded into the offshore wind industry in 2010.
Seaproofs products offered trouble free and safe installation of the wind-farm array cables, overcoming many of the challenging previously experienced by our clients.
Our first offshore wind-park cable protection went online in 2013 with the Riffgatt site.

Today our primary client base is from the offshore renewable wind industry.
We take pride in ensuring all of our clients with the very best product and service with the “Zero Defect No Damage” policy mission.