CPS - SUBSEA Cable Protection SystemS

Polymer protections with Fiber and steel reinforcement

Seaproof Solutions supplies Cable Protection Systems dedicated to Offshore Wind, Oil & Gas and all Offshore applications.


The Seaproof CPS brings mechanical reinforcement and stability, at the foundations interface and on the seabed, during installation and service life.
Our unique design allows to maximise protection, simplify operations and reduce offshore costs. 

General Features

CPS with a track record of zero cable failures provides a wide range of protection for cables against the challenging environmental impacts.
Features of the Seaproof CPS include but are not limited to the following: 

Dynamic and static protection: Guarding the cable bend radius, CPS offers protection against over bending. It further safeguards the cable against wear and abrasions within its entire length e.g. over the scour zone and into the seabed. CPS also protects the cable when hanging in catenary at the aft of the installation vessel and operates under conditions where the length of the cable free span may vary during the lifetime of the system. 

Modular design: Modular low weight subparts facilitate handling and transportation without special tools or procedures. The design, interface and pull-in operation moreover accommodates a low stress operation in all components, minimizing the risk of higher tension or eminent pull forces during the operation. 

Diver-free installation: The installation is strictly “diver-free”, not posing any increased risk for safety or environmental impacts during the operation or at any time during the life cycle. The CPS system allows for installation with or without the cable. 

Removal / Retrofit: Removal of CPS from foundation is possible, by means of an ROV. Seaproof also has a proven offshore track record of removal and retrofit of cables without the removal of CPS. 

No mechanical attachment to cable: When large free-spans have developed during cable laying or burial operations, the unique feature of CPS accommodates laying and pull-in the cable in a manner that reduces stress on the cable and prolongs the life cycle of the system. The feature lowers the maintenance and repair activities, reducing the offshore operational costs for labour, equipment and vessels. 

Pre-stripped cable: Pre-stripped cables can be directly installed on the CPS with no further modifications. 

Long durability: The Seaproof CPS has a design life of 25+ years 


Specific Features

Stiffness: Our CPS provides a higher stiffness than specific stiffness of the cable to protect the cable under all operational circumstances. 

Hardness: CPS sections are made of polyurethane composite with Shore A90. Bellmouths are made of polyurethane Shore A75 to provide a softer interface surface during the cable pull-in process. 

UV protection: Polyurethane used for manufacturing the CPS units contains additives to improve the UV protection. 

Low Friction and easy installation: The Seaproof CPS offers a uniform honeycomb inner structure with a constant diameter, ensuring the lowest possible friction with the cable through its HDPE interface. The design offers minimum stress on the cable, managing the bending radius of the cable and a smooth transition during all steps of installation.