Flexible J-tubes

Seaproof provides Long flexible J-tubes to be installed onshore and offshore

Seaproof Flexible J-tubes

Our Flexible J-tubes are usually applied to substitute steel J/I-tubes, in order to avoid corrosion issues (top sections of steel tubes being submitted to high corrosion rate due to cable thermal dissipation catalyze).

Another important advantage is to be able tosubstitute the combination "Steel Tube + CPS" with one unique "Long Flexible Tube".
This means no need for external CPS anymore, thus less offshore operations and no more subsea connection system.

Retrofit J-Tubes

Our Flexible J-tubes technology is also used for field extensions and offshore platforms needing additional J/I-tubes to be installed offshore.
Among the advantages:

  • Simplify offshore operations: Polymeric tubes (4m long), male/female connectors, clamps & straps
  • No welding
  • No corrosion
  • Cost reduction at procurement & installation phases
  • Provide pull-in guidance
  • Impact and abrasion protection for new lines to be installed
  • No need for additional bend stiffener; nor subsea latches

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