Seaproof Launches Offshore Retrofit J-Tube

Seaproof Solutions has unveiled its offshore Retrofit J-Tube, for which it says that it can be adapted to a wide range of foundation types, allowing for a multitude of installation procedures and extra protection to subsea cables, umbilicals or flexible pipes.

Retrofit J-tubes, made of lightweight heavy duty Seaproof Composite Polyurethane, are assembled using male/female steel built-in connectors, pulled-up with messenger wire, secured at hang-off deck with standard split flanges, and then piggybacked to the foundation.

Fibre-reinforced flexible J-tubes allow large tolerances during installation, as well as permanent protection against abrasion, impacts, stability, and fatigue, Seaproof explained.

The company said its scope of work covers the design and supply of necessary ancillaries for installing J-tubes on any type of foundations positioned offshore.

Over the last few months, Seaproof won cable protection system contracts for three major offshore wind projects: Horns Rev 3 in Denmark, Hornsea Project One in the UK, and Trianel Windpark Borkum II in Germany.