Seaproof has Orsted covered

Long-term agreement signed for the development of cable protection systems

Image: Courtesy of DeepOcean

Image: Courtesy of DeepOcean

Norwegian company Seaproof Solutions is to provide Orsted with cable protection systems for offshore wind farms following the signing of a long-term agreement.

The six-year deal covers the development, design and manufacture of systems, with the partners aiming to carry out research and development of new CPS.

Seaproof Solutions chief executive Henrik Bang-Andreasen said: “The new frame agreement will see an increase in shared values between Seaproof and Orsted that will build on the experience gained by working together on the world’s biggest wind farm, the 1.2GW Hornsea 1, offshore UK.”

Balmoral Offshore Engineering acquired Seaproof earlier this year.