An overview of cable protection systems for the offshore wind sector

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The early introduction of J-tubes on wind turbine monopiles allowed for rapid cable installation but the process ultimately proved to be expensive and slow. Such inefficiencies sparked the J-tubeless monopile installation that is now common throughout the industry.

Seaproof Solutions’ cable protection systems (CPS) benefit from the company’s patented fibre technology to provide protection from hang-off to burial point - from installation throughout the life of the project.

How Seaproof’s system works

The CPS comprises three elements; the foundation interface device (FID), dynamic polyurethane modules and cast iron articulated pipe.

The FID is typically 4m long and secures the CPS at the monopile foundation protecting the cable against overbending, sharp edges and pressure points.

Typically 4m long, the PU modules are deployed in 8-20m configurations to protect against cable fatigue, overbending, impact and abrasion in the free span section.

The cast iron elements, measuring 5-15m, stabilise the cable along the seabed protecting against overbending, impact and abrasion and continue this protection below the seabed.

CPS provides protection against

·                  Dynamic movement: wave and tidal, vortex induced vibration and free-hanging cable movement

·                  Impact: rock dumping, foreign objects and installation damage

·                  Stress points: Installation and extreme loads caused by storm conditions

·                  Seabed scouring: when local current conditions create ‘scour pits’ there is a danger of damage to the exposed free span cable

The system offers

·                  Dynamic and overbending protection along the full cable length

·                  A fully smooth internal surface ensuring lowest possible friction

·                  Mitigation of all loads

·                  Easy, lightweight transportation, handling and assembly

·                  Onshore or offshore installation options including diver-less

·                  25+ years’ design life

Key differentiators of the Seaproof cable protection system

·                  Uses minimal sub-components resulting in a smooth integrated finish, unlike others which generally have a more complex structure

·                  Increased fatigue protection is provided via additional stiffness over the entire length of the system

·                  Unique ROV removal capability

·                  Unique cable removal capability without disturbing CPS

Proven track record

Now part of UK offshore engineering specialist, Balmoral Offshore Engineering, ISO 14001-accredited Seaproof Solutions has safely and successfully delivered 1500 CPS to global projects from 4.5-9+MW in scale.

With the additional support of Balmoral’s advanced technical, manufacturing and testing capabilities, production can be carried out in both Norway and the UK to meet project-specific local content requirements.